Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vegan CaveGirl in PULP Girls

Digging through some old stuff.

At one point, I coloured for Jason Martin's PULP Girls project (from SuperRealGraphics) some sequential pages of Boo's character Bramble as the Vegan CaveGirl in her first story.

The PULP Girls #1 was sold as SDCC Convention book in 2009 if memory doesn't fail me too much.

Vegan CaveGirl had action, blood, vampires and an elf. 

The book had many stories, with different artists working on them. It was a fun book. :)

Here's the blurb about it:

In your face, fun, dangerous, colorful, short and sweet.
Pulp Girls is a collection of concepts - inspired from grindhouse cinema, pulp heroes and similar genre roots - in small cliffhanger style format, all with a female-centric twist.

I had never worked on colouring blood, so finding bloodspatters was a task. Also the jungle-environment needed some extra care, because I tested different ways to give that texture to all the trees and bushes.
One of the suggestions I had for the pages, was that the story would take place right as the night was ending and morning would be rising soon.
Which resulted from my need to go nuts with colours, and what better way than to add a sunrise to the mix. ;)

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