Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Batgirl locked up in Arkham Asylum [sketch #2]

Continuing from my earlier Batgirl locked up in Arkham Asylum [sketch #1] here is my second quick sketch for the fake-cover layout.

I'm still trying what poses I could get out of Batgirl and her side-to-side cell-mates Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. This time Commissioner Gordon is not walking away from her, but standing just outside and has a stern but confident look on his face.

While the Batman Gotham Adventures comic is set in the continuity and style of  cartoon Batman the New Adventures, I'm currently leaning more towards drawing Commissioner Gordon in Batman TAS style as well as Batgirl and Harley Quinn. I'm more of a fan of the gray-blue costumed Batgirl than mostly-black version.

Drawing was done with a 2½ HB lead-pencil and photo taken with HTC Desire smartphone.

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