Friday, August 19, 2011

Batgirl locked up in Arkham Asylum [sketch #1]

I've been a fan of Batman The Animated Series as well as it's follow-up The New Batman Adventures ever since I was a kid. The comics that were tied into giving extra life to the show's continuity were something that I never really got into, mostly because only few were published here in Finland.

But I'm really liking Batman Gotham Adventures and was inspired to draw a sketch of an cover-art, featuring Commissioner Gordon locking Batgirl inside Arkham Asylum, with Barbara trying to get his attention as the commish walks away.
Here's the first quick sketch that hopefully illustrates my idea for the layout. Proportions are propably way off, but I'll see to that when I start refining the lines.

Mad props to my bro Mikko for spitballing ideas with me. :)

Drawing was done with a 2½ HB lead-pencil and photo taken with HTC Desire smartphone.

Click here to see my cover sketch #2!

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